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  • Máté
    After I propyl course of capsules ProstErowent through all the symptoms of prostatitis. Pain in the groin as usual – and I so long to worry about it! Just I recommend the drink exactly according to the instructions and in the course of the month.
  • Ádám
    I recommend to all who suffer from prostatitis! ProstEro just put me on my feet and allowed to finally lead a normal life! Previously, the constantly on the toilet, running, tired of this – and this product has helped me.
  • Balázs
    Decreased potency, and then another and prostatitis appeared. These are different problems, but because the root of them is one and the same – stagnation of blood. I found on the internet this product ProstErothat is at the same time treats impotence, and prostatitis. Really heals, I confirm!
  • Jázmin
    Gave my husband this product, and with him finally cure your prostatitis. And before long went to doctors, took different courses – nothing helped!
  • Péter
    Treatment of prostatitis, which suggested the doctor, I am very happy, the painful and unpleasant injections, massage. Decided to try medical treatment alone, at home. Ordered medicine ProstEro – and in a month completely cured! The doctor did not believe it couldn't!
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